A Tale of Two Sizes

Confession time: I have two comfortable sizes. The size where I feel like this: And the size where I feel like this: In case you cannot tell from my photo choices, I don’t feel bad about my body at either size – which ranges a whopping 15 pounds and a difference of a pants size. … Continue reading

The Art of the Resume

As a business owner, I have done a lot of hiring. For the employer, a huge part of the actual hiring process is sifting through the piles of applications and resumes submitted for the job opening. In ten years of hiring, I can think of only a handful of resumes that actually stand out in … Continue reading

Judging a book by its cover

The truth is, I am not really a Super Woman. By any means. I try – really, really hard. But like everyone, I succumb to temptation and buy shoes that I didn’t really need and will probably almost never wear; I skip the gym out of sheer laziness; I drink way too much coffee; I … Continue reading

Am I Super Woman?

It was my friend who said it. And she really is Super Woman. The fact that she thinks I am Super Woman is a real compliment, so it got me to thinking… what qualifies one to be a Super Woman? Truth be told, I have been a teensy bit envious of those beautiful women with … Continue reading